How it Works

As easy as it sounds, You only have to sign up a new user, choose a lawyer to consult and set up a date for more details on the case. Everything will be organized and monitored securely by our system.

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Key Features

The system is easy to handle and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It works to connect clients to the law firm directly through the application (Mobile App and Web App) to provide a completely safe environment between both sides to communicate securely and make technical consultations as agreed.

Awesome Interface

Modern and not difficult to deal with.


A completely secure environment for all our customer data with Amazon Web Services for high privacy.


Organize appointments between all parties in a professional and smooth manner.


Accurate reminders for appointments and court sessions.

Free Updates

We will regularly update our system to improve performance and add new features for the best experience, only for subscribers!

Instant Support

Professional and fast technical support for all subscribers. No fees.


Synchronized data. Anytime, anywhere and on all available platforms.


Scheduled and periofic backup of all data.

Record of Court Sessions

Provides all data in details, and allow the customer to stay updated. It also provides a direct link to and also allows linking more than one case to the same client.

Administration and Financial Management

A detailed financial section for each case, which enables you to document and print invoices for cases and consultations. You can also easily calculate your revenues and expenses.Manage the administrative work accurately and print task reports as requested.


App available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Anrdoid.